Biotex Group

The Biotex Group

The Biotex is a fast growing international Lab and Research center, founded in the year 2000 with extraordinary potential, for the exploration of diseases and development of therapies, that may change the life and future of many suffering people.

Our lab research and treatment policies and procedures have centered on international standards of philosophy and ethics, with excellent dependable service designed to meet the needs of the individual care and treatment. This unique personalized approach makes it easy for individual consultation, interpretation, deep analysis, education and selection of apt treatment, which are not readily available through other large commercial establishments.

The Experts from Biotex Groups participate in extensive International meetings and conferences, to update and maintain the proficiency and quality in researches and laboratory dealings. This will provide valuable educational information regarding the developments, applications, and ethical issues surrounding new theories and inventions.

The Mission of team Biotex is to explore, understand, and translate the promise of new theories and developments into effective clinical therapies and treatments.

With the electric movements in investigations and exploration of the diseases and its solutions, the Biotex Group is on the accelerated journey to become the leader in the lab management and medical research.

Biotex…The Art Lab

Biotex offers an array of planned researches and experiments, fashioned to invent solutions for the new challenges arising in the in the field of medicine and diseases.

The team is provided with an ‘art lab’, which is committed towards new studies and observations by a group of medical experts, with advanced technology, to pave the exit way for diseases from mankind. The research and its experiments are always according to the highest international bioethics standards. It offers the answers and reply with transparency, honesty and highest quality.

The lab is well arranged with the contemporary equipments and instruments to generate accurate and novel results to assay the condition of the person. The team of medical experts and scientists will evaluate the possible chances of getting away from the diseases, and will make an announcement about the new theories.

It has established a research program that believes in finding out and treating the cause for the particular derangement also, along with the signs and symptoms, for the complete eradication of the illness from the body. So The Medical team analyses almost all the possible causes and reasons that make the individual susceptible for the attack of a particular disease.

With guidance of  medical institutions and physicians world-wide, our comprehensive research and analysis center creates a highly nurturing environment  that gives birth to new ideas, unique  programs and ultimate resources to provide and support a healthy and young world.

At Biotex Institute, our mission is to be at the forefront of research of new treatment protocols for chronic, degenerative and declining diseases  with scientifically-sound treatment options to the patients .

On the same track with researches, the Biotex lab is always ready and prepared to meet an expanding demand for responsive and reliable testing  in the field of clinical histology, pathology, microbiology, hematology, endocrinology and many other fields.

Biotex…Ideas and Solutions

The prevention of the attack of a disease is the best and safest thing that a medical expert can do to a life. The unique and most modern  lab technologies provided in Biotex, explores the person from a basic level to find out the possible chances of getting attacked by the disease, before it can make any derangement in the body.

Thus, we can say, in Biotex, not only the disease, the health is also getting equal, or say more, care and pampering. We are giving importance in treating the “seemingly” healthy persons also, who have the susceptibility towards some particular diseases. The treatments with latest scientific therapies and medicines will prepare them, to fight and win against attacks of illness.

Biotex provides new ideas with clinical evidences and clarifications, in the field of medical science to treat both the acute and chronic diseases and serve society. Its main mission is to make the person immune to external and internal derangements, and prevent the sufferings, as far as possible.

It takes initiatives in science policy, international programs, patient education and more. It promotes discoveries in cell biology and regeneration. It tries to translate these discoveries into new therapies to alleviate suffering and disease.  The educational programs and medical camps.

Biotex encourages advances in education, public discourse and debate to establish the advances in cell and regeneration biology.

Stem Cell Peel

Here, on the stage of Stem cell, Biotex presents the revolutionary medical magic, The Stem Cell Peel, to refresh the skin, by vanishing  the signs of skin aging, naturally.