Unique Formula

The stem cells are the mother cells from which all the other cells are growing. The stem cells have a unique growth characteristic which stimulates new cells to grow due to the presence of many types of growth factors in them.

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Bi-Phasic Action

Stem Cell Peel is a biphasic peel i.e. it consists of two phases, a liquid and a solid phase.The epidermis is the top most layer of skin. It does not have any blood nor nerve supply.

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Natures Gift

The stem cell peel is  made from Green apples, the fruits which have more and  longer living stem cells. The stem cells from green apples are extracted and cultured in lab to increase their power and potential  of regeneration.

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Stem Cell Peel

It heals from within, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin and in the dermal matrix to smooth away wrinkles and lines, and improve acne.Stem Cell Peel Treatment  reduces wrinkles, increases stiffness of the skin, enhances skin texture and tone. It also removes the dark circles around the eyes. It can boost up  the strength of muscles, bones and veins in the skin making  your skin appear more Vibrant, Revitalized, Regenerated.  Eventually it helps in Reversing the Aging process causing total skin rejuvenation.

Cases That Can Be Treated with Stem Cell Peel