The younger and healthier skin, means the younger and healthier you……
The science of skin peeling is experiencing a revolution with the introduction of Stem Cell Peel To the world, with the help of nano-Tecnology.

The Wrinkles, Tanning, Pigmentation, Acne and Their marks can be removed easily now.

This peel is a promising seed of hope for the new generation, who believes and wants for natural rejuvenation. It is a scientific medical treatment done under the guidance of anti ageing medical treatment experts.

What is a Stem cell?

Stem cell is the mother cell of each individual, having the properties of multiplying themselves.  It can replace the damaged cells by reproducing  new cells .

How Stem Cell Peel rejuvenates skin ?

As we age, or expose more to skin damaging factors, the epidermal stem cells slows in division, dermal collagen and elastin fail to keep their integrity, and the glands and fat tissues shrink, resulting in blemishes and wrinkles.
When the dead epidermal cells are declining in their power to shed off naturally, it will lead to more wrinkles and pigmentation naturally.

The stem cell peel
is a biphasic peel, made from Green apples, the fruits which have more and
longer living stem cells. The stem cells from green apples are extracted and cultured in lab to increase their power and potential
of regeneration.

This Green Apple Stem Cell peel can reach the lower layer also .

It acts in two phases

As the peel contains stem cells, it will stimulate the deeper layer to start regenerating.

As the dead cells are removed by liquid phase, the cream can reach the lower layer very fast and effectively, to stimulate the damaged cells to regenerate, and  inactive cells to  rejuvenate.

The dermis becomes more vascular and thus new cells are getting healthier nutrition also. Hence it acts as an effective anti aging peel.

The power and potential of stem cells are increased by the presence of growth factors in them.  This will stimulate the collagen and elastin fibers in the dermis to multiply and will promote a healthy Dermis. The Healthy dermis gives rise to healthy epidermis, and thus the healthy appearance also.

Stem Cell Peel Treatment  reduces wrinkles, increases stiffness of the skin, enhances skin texture and tone. It also removes the dark circles around the eyes. It can boost up  the strength of muscles, bones and veins in the skin making  your skin appear more Vibrant, Revitalized, Regenerated.  Eventually it helps in Reversing the Aging process causing total skin rejuvenation.

It heals from within, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin and in the dermal matrix to smooth away wrinkles and lines, and improve acne.

Cases That Can Be Treated with Stem Cell Peel

  • Pigmented and Tanned Skin
  • Lines, Wrinkles and Sagging of Skin
  • Reduces Freckles and Stretch Marks
  • Certain Types of Acne and Acne Scars
  • Scars


For one to get an optimum effect, 6-7 peels are recommended, 15-20days apart.

Post Peel Care